Sea-Hunter Extraordinaire


John Davis of Sea Hunter fame with CSS Chairman John G. Langley admiring a painting of RMS Carpathia by maritime artist Ives Berube of Blue Rocks, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia

John Davis, President of Eco Nova Productions, producers of the History television and National Geographic television series ‘The Sea hunters’ provided the chairman with fascinating insights into the discovery in 2000 of the wreck site of the Cunard liner Carpathia, the Titanic rescue ship. Carpathia was sunk by the German submarine U- 55 off the southeastern coast of Ireland July 17, 1918 during WW1.

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‘Mr. Ocean Liner’ Visits Halifax, Nova Scotia

A figure well known to all ocean liner buffs, Bill Miller visited Halifax in May, 2011 while a guest lecturer aboard  Silver Whisper. An ardent Cunard enthusiast, Bill enjoyed time ashore visiting various Cunard haunts in the company of CSS Chairman John G. Langley.

Bill Miller aka ‘Mr. Ocean Liner’ seen here with CSS Chairman John G. Langley at the monument to Samuel Cunard on the Halifax waterfront.
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Mauretania/Lusitania Model Refit Completed

Maritime Ship Modelers Guild member John Green seen here with the refurbished model of Mauretania at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

The stunning 18 foot builder’s model of the Cunard liner Mauretania originally built by the venerable  British firm of Bassett- Lowke is now on display as part of the Cunard exhibit at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

John Green, Gerald Wright and Bill Moore of the Maritime Ship Modelers Guild , who were also instrumental  in the restoration of the museum’s model of the Cunarder Franconia (‘Franconia Project’) back in 2006-07, spent more than 400 hours refurbishing ‘The Maurey’. The model is an eye-popping display of fine craftsmanship resplendent in its polished mahogany case.

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Rededication of Statue of Sir Samuel Cunard

Five years ago the Halifax Foundation was instrumental in arranging for a bronze statue of Samuel Cunard. The Implementation Committee of the foundation, lead by the honourable Alan Abraham included Robert Stapells, John Jay and John G. Langley. The Honorary Chairman was Commodore Ronald Warwick, since retired of Cunard Line.

The original location of the statue just to the west of the entrance to the offices of the Halifax Port Authority was temporary.  Work was recently concluded which saw the restoration and reconstruction of the adjacent Pier 23. A large section of the former warehouse structure was demolished, opening up the harbour to spectators for the first time in memory…and making the perfect courtyard to relocate the statue. Shortly after Queen Elizabeth was berthed, a ceremony took place around the statue which was flanked by ship’s officers and enjoyed by a large crowd who had gathered around the plinth in the warm morning sunshine. A short account of Cunard’s Halifax ancestral roots was given by CSS Chairman John G. Langley (see below for complete text of this address) Captain Wells responded on behalf of Cunard Line, following which members of the Paton family, the most direct living descendants of Cunard formally cut the ribbon to officially rededicate the statue.

Above left: Hon, Alan Abraham, Chairman of statue implementing committee, John G. Langley, Chairman of Cunard Steamship Society and Captain Christopher Wells, Master of Queen Elizabeth
Above right: Bird’s eye view of new waterfront location of Cunard monument with crowd gathering to take in rededication ceremony September 25, 2011.
Above left: Cunard historian and author John G. Langley addressing spectators at statue rededication ceremony.
Above right: Officers of Queen Elizabeth, including Messrs Abraham , Langley and members of the Paton family pictured around the statue.

Read the full text of the rededication address

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Queen Elizabeth Maiden Call to Halifax Nova Scotia

Sunday, September 25, 2011 was yet another pivotal day in the rich heritage associated with Cunard line, the company founded by Haligonian Samuel Cunard in 1839. The newest ship to join the Cunard fleet, Queen Elizabeth, making her inaugural visit , was greeted as she entered harbour in the early morning by Halifax’s maritime goodwill ambassador, Theodore Tugboat. Under the watchful eye of Captain Christopher Wells, the ship was eased into her berth at Pier 23, providing a superb backdrop to the onshore ceremony later to rededicate the statue of Sir Samuel Cunard.

Various dignitaries enjoyed a reception onboard Queen Elizabeth hosted by Captain Wells, followed by a luncheon in the ship’s Britannia restaurant. During the reception John G. Langley, Q.C. as chairman of the CSS presented Captain Wells with a portrait of Samuel Cunard for  display on  the ship.

Above left: CSS Chairman John G. Langley greeting Queen Elizabeth aboard Theodore Tugboat in Halifax, N.S. September 25, 2011.
Above right: Queen Elizabeth approaching seawall in Halifax harbour, as have so many of her Cunard predecessors in years past. In the background, Pier 21, Canada’s Ellis Island, and this year designated as Canada’s newest national museum, provides the backdrop to the maiden visit of Queen Elizabeth.

Above left: Captain Wells expertly manoeuvres his ship alongside Pier 23, overlooking the statue of Samuel Cunard.
Above right: In a spectacular fashion, with soundings of horn, Queen Elizabeth departs Halifax after making a grand sweep around the harbour, seen here emerging from behind Halifax’s historic George’s Island.

Above left: CSS Chairman Langley and Captain Wells addressing invited guests at reception onboard Queen Elizabeth.
Above right: CSS Chairman Langley presenting Captain Wells with portrait of Samuel Cunard.

Queen Elizabeth plaque presentation.



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New Look For CSS Website

Viewers will notice the Cunard Steamship Society website has undergone a complete ‘refit’, offering a more update and modern look.  Evolution – be it in ocean liner or internet technology is never-ending. Adapting to change without compromising standards has always been a hallmark of the success of Cunard Line – one which is worthy of emulating.

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Cunard Steamship Society Hosts Group Aboard Queen Mary 2

Throughout the winter and spring of 2010 plans were put in place culminating in a transatlantic crossing aboard QM2 hosted by Cunard Steamship Society of a group of scotch whisky aficionados from Nova Scotia. The mid-September crossing from New York to Southampton was followed by a week in the Highlands and a tour of Scotland’s famous ‘Whisky Trail’. The many gatherings of the group to ferment plans for the trip and the crossing itself gave credence to the old Cunard adage ‘getting there is half the fun!’ A couple of the lovely lady spouses were inspired to compose both song and verse to celebrate ‘the trip of a lifetime’.


Above Left: ‘New Scots’ (Nova Scotians) group en route to ‘Aulde Scotland’, pictured on Grand Lobby staircase of Queen Mary 2 mid-Atlantic, September 2010.
Above Right: Preparing for Scotland’s ‘Whisky Trail’ aboard Queen Mary 2

Above Left: New lyrics to an old tune composed by new Cunarders
Sue and Bruce MacIntosh (Click to enlarge)
Above Right: ‘A Trip of a Lifetime’ penned by host’s sister Sylvia Dingle.
(Click to enlarge)


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A Celebration of Cunard Heritage – 170th Anniversary of Cunard Line

What could be a more appropriate place to recognize and celebrate the 170th anniversary of the founding of Cunard Line than mid-Atlantic on the flagship, RMS Queen Mary 2. This then was the scene for a birthday/cocktail party hosted by John G. Langley, Q.C. Chairman of the Cunard Steamship Society on September 15, 2010 aboard QM2 during eastbound crossing M023 … continuing the regular transatlantic service begun by RMS Britannia, the first flagship on her maiden voyage back in 1840. One of the many highlights of the evening was a presentation by John G. Langley to Commodore Bernard Warner of a portrait of company founder Sir Samuel Cunard now on display in the Grand Lobby of QM2.

Above Left: John G. Langley addressing guests and Senior Officers who gathered in the Board Room aboard QM2 to celebrate the 170th anniversary of Cunard Line.
Above Right: Commodore Bernard Warner accepting a portrait of Sir Samuel Cunard from John G. Langley, Q.C. at cocktail party aboard QM2.

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